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CX Files

Jul 26, 2019

In this episode of the podcast we are exploring the perception and reality of working in different global locations after the news this week that airlines such as BA and Lufthansa are not flying to Cairo because of "security concerns." How do executives working in BPO and CX separate perceived risk from reality?

Steve Weston and Peter Ryan discuss the Egypt problem and also explore other locations and how to evaluate risk.

Steve Weston is the Managing Partner at SK Weston & Co. He is based in Washington DC and is one of the leading US contact centre advisers, with particular expertise in global locations - in short he has advised many companies on where to locate their cx function either offshore or through working with a partner.

Peter Ryan is the founder and principal analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory, based in Montreal Canada. He is well known globally as one of the leading authorities on Business process outsourcing and contact centres.