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CX Files

Jul 28, 2022

Andrew Hall is the Chief Commerical Officer at Quantanite. He is based in Milton Keynes, in the UK.

In this interview he talks to Mark Hillary about some of the challenges and opportunities associated with content moderation and how many companies may now be taking a fresh look at offshore outsourcing to locations such...

Jul 22, 2022

Tony Won has a long career as a leading player support specialist in the gaming industry. Previously he was the head of player support at Riot Games and Epic Games - responsible for supporting titles such as Fortnite. He is usually based in Austin, Texas, but joined the CX Files from sabbbatical leave in...

Jul 14, 2022

Hemant Puthli is MD and Partner at Neo Group. He is based in Mumbai, India.

Neo Group recently conducted a detailed study of business service and IT companies to determine which are really adopting a robust ESG strategy and which are just "greenwashing" their credentials. In this interview Hemant talks in detail about...

Jul 8, 2022

Bill Colton is the CEO at Global Telesourcing. He is based in Arlington, VA, USA. In this conversation with Peter Ryan, Bill talks about how celebrities can boost BPO brands and help specifically with attracting new talent. Could the right celebrity boost your hiring plans?