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CX Files

Jan 25, 2019

Loren Moss is the founder of Unido Digital, based in MedellĂ­n, Colombia. He is a CX analyst with expert knowledge of FinTech and Intelligent Automation.

In this interview, Loren and I spoke about CX channels and their connection to customer demographics.

Jan 18, 2019

Vit Horky is the co-founder and CEO of Brand Embassy, based in Prague. Brand Embassy is focused on helping companies move to digital customer service. He recently published a book titled 'Customer Service in the Transhuman Age' and this podcast is focused on learning more about the book... Where is CX going in 2019 -...

Jan 17, 2019

Mark Angus is the CEO of publisher and research company Knowledge Executive, based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Together with Peter Ryan of Ryan Strategic Advisory he is hosting a new conference focused on the companies that deliver CX - CX Outsourcers.

In this special bonus edition of CX Files, Mark explains what...

Jan 11, 2019

Jens Butler is the Director of Services, CX, and Sourcing for Tech Research Asia, based in Sydney, Australia. He is one of the best known analysts focused on sourcing and CX in the region and is in demand as CX analyst and speaker globally. 

I caught up with Jens to ask for his views in CX trends in 2018 and what to...

Jan 4, 2019

Melissa O'Brien is the Research Vice President for customer engagement, retail and travel at HfS Research - she is based in Boston, Massachusetts. HfS is known globally as one of the most innovative analyst firms focused on BPO and CX.

Melissa looked back at the key CX trends from 2018 and ahead to what we should be...