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CX Files

May 22, 2024


May 16, 2024

Seandette Wiltshire is the founder and director of strategy and operations at The Contact Hub. She is based in Christ Church, Barbados.

The Contact Hub offers contact center and marketing services to companies in Barbados - and beyond. In this conversation with Peter Ryan, Seandette talks about creating a new BPO in...

May 9, 2024

Steve Mosser is the Group CEO & Chief Innovations Officer at Sensée. He is based in London, UK. 

Sensée is a work-from-home specialist, but has recently purhased The Contact Company, in Liverpool UK. This more or less doubled their size, but means they now offer both contact center and WFH options.

In this...

May 2, 2024

CXOutsourcers 2024 took place on May 1/2 in Atlanta, GA.

Both Mark Hillary and Peter Ryan were at the event. Mark talked to some of the speakers and delegates about their thoughts on what they experienced and learned from the event.

This podcast features:

Stephen Loynd, Founder and Principal at TrendzOwl

Apr 29, 2024

Chris Gillen is the CEO of A Closer Look. He is based very close to Atlanta, GA, so the CX Outsourcers conference is a local event for him. In this conversation he gave Mark Hillary a preview of his CXO keynote speech on CX and AI and keeping humans in the loop