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CX Files

Jun 29, 2023

Amy Bennet Roach is the VP Sales and Marketing at Blue Ocean Contact Centers. She is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Amy talked to Peter Ryan about her views on the future for CX at present and in particular how smaller and medium-sized players can offer more agilty and flexibility when working with clients. Is...

Jun 22, 2023

Peter Klayman is the VP of Strategy at Bottle Rocket Studios. He is based in Denver, Colorado.

Bottle Rocket is focused on the design of digital CX with a focus on helping to accelerate growth.

In this conversation with Mark Hillary, Peter talks about how to justify investment in CX and how to start thinking of the...

Jun 15, 2023

Jeremiah Okello is the founder and owner of Collins Consulting International, a consulting firm focused on CX and BPO outsourcing and based in Nairobi, Kenya.

In this interview, Jeremiah talks about the CX market in Kenya and the wider emerging opportunities for CX in Africa with Peter Ryan.

Jun 8, 2023

Last week, both Peter and Mark were at the CxO Glasgow conference in Scotland. Peter was one of the event organisers. Mark featured on a panel exploring the future of CX with Stephen Loynd, the founder and principal analyst at TrendzOwl.

Once Mark was back home in São Paulo, he called Stephen at his base in Virginia,...

Jun 1, 2023

Barry Winkless is the Chief Strategy Officer at Cpl Group and Head of the Future of Work Institute Cpl. He is based in Dublin, Ireland.

CPL is a major HR and recruitment company that works across multiple industries - including CX. Barry is always considering the future of work for both employers and employees so in...