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CX Files

Mar 10, 2022

Robin Harrison is the Group Chief Marketing Officer at Webhelp. He is based in the UK.

Robin has some strong views on the post-pandemic return to normal. Both employees and customers have changed, so CX strategies also need to evolve.

This is a view that CX Files endorses - as can be clearly heard in the introduction with Mark and Peter.

Research undertaken by Webhelp with Frost & Sullivan has shown that 92% of CX leaders intend to transform their CX inside the next 12 months - so there is an urgent need to review a post-pandemic strategy for modern CX.

During the interview, Robin mentioned the Webhelp Anywhere methodology that codifies much of this thinking - follow the link for more information.

[Apologies to listeners as Mark tested positive for Covid just after speaking to Robin and was still positive when recording with Peter - plus his neighbour decided to rebuild when the intro recording started!]