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CX Files

Jan 17, 2020

Martin Hill-Wilson is one of the best-known CX advisors from the UK. He has been training, advising, and mentoring CX leaders for decades now and his company Brainfood Consulting is presently focused on emotive CX for customer interactions.

In this episode of CX Files Martin focuses on emotive CX and how we can avoid...

Jan 10, 2020

James Dodkins is better known as the CX Rock Star. He blends music and business insight when helping companies improve their CX. Customer Experience magazine recently called him the #1 CX Influencer in the UK. 

In this episode we discuss how companies need to change so they function more like a football team, how to...

Jan 3, 2020

Gary Slade is the UK and South Africa CEO of Teleperformance. In over 30 years working in CX he believes that this is the most exciting time to be in the industry. In the interview Gary talks about security, offshoring, content moderation, innovation, and work at home agents - it's a real look ahead to CX trends in...

Dec 27, 2019

Peter Ryan is the principal analyst at Ryan Strategic Advisory, based in Montreal Canada. Peter is well-known globally as a leading expert on CX and he is almost always on the road visiting companies all over the world. In this end of year episode Peter talks about 2019 and what to look for in 2020 - happy new year!

Dec 20, 2019

Stephen Loynd is the principal analyst at TrendzOwl, based in Washington DC. He is a well-known global CX commentator and in this episode he looks back at some key events in 2019 and predicts what to look for in the CX industry in 2020.